Mobile single and multiplayer

mixed-reality interactive gaming

What can you do with Enliven 3D?

Precise tracking of full-body multiple people and objects. No wires, no infra-structure & small sensors.

  • Sensors transmit data to a mobile device running Enliven3D, carried by the player, e.g. the smartphone installed in the VR headset.
  • Each connected sensor is associated with an object.
  • The orientation of the headset directly controls the orientation of the camera in VR, to minimize the latency.
  • Sensor data is processed in the kinematic model and in the data-flow diagrams.
  • The position of the objects is sent to game, run locally.
  • With multiplayer setup, position is also broadcasted to other devices over a WiFi network.
  • With multiplayer setup, players wear a VR headset that displays a virtual environment in which they see a representation of other players.
  • Visualize arms, legs and body of players in VR (5-sensor set up with inverse kinematics).
  • Hands can be added with additional sensors (7-sensor set up).
  • Move in VR, e.g. walking, running, jumping, crawling, etc.
  • Track the position of tagged physical gaming objects.
  • Interact with gaming objects by mapping and tracking them.

Examples of gaming objects

  • Objects manipulated by the player (stick, gun, ball).
  • Nomadic objects, like tables or boxes.
  • Stationary objects, like trees or fences.


Object mapping and tracking

Once a location is chosen, define the playing area inside the game by placing sensors on the stationary objects in the field. This creates a grid in which other objects can be positioned, and serves as a reference for the location of stationary objects.


By walking around, the edges of the site can be defined. Note that the gaming area can be stored for later use. In that case, the perimeter does not need to be defined again. This offers online sharing through community asset stores of gaming areas and gaming levels build around it.

The playing area may contain physical objects, such as trees, bushes and fences. A virtual representation of these objects can be created in the game, and mapped into the game. Rudimentary interaction can be implemented using the position of the players relative to the objects.


Mobile objects can be introduced, tagged and the position tracked. E.g. objects that represent guns in a multiplayer shooting game.


(IP67 code)



Battery lifetime:

6 hours (full operation)

Charging time:

1 hour



Distance outdoor:

~50 m/164 ft

Distance indoor:

~ 40 m/ 131 ft

Positional Accuracy :

~ 2cm / 0,78 inch


capture volume:

40 m x 50 m / 131 ft x 164 ft

Data Latency :

20 ms

Max sensors:

1 single host = 20

Data rate :

> 30 Hz.

Data stream:


No Magnetic


No occlusion

Easy perimeter set up

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